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February 8th, 2016, 3:03 am


Surprise!! Chapter 2 physical book! Incoming!

Hey everyone! Long time no news. Well I GOT NEWS NOW!! You can now preorder Feral Gentry Chapter 2, and at an early bird price!
Go to Storenvy for singles and 1+2 bundles
Go to Holvi for singles!

...especially go to Holvi if you're Finnish and able to pick up the book from either Tampere Kuplii or Popcult, BECAUSE HERE'S A CODE for you to offset the (Finnish) shipping costs: HAENCONISTA2016
This code does not work on Storenvy nor does it work on Chapter 1 in Holvi. If you want special things like picking up a bundle from a con, email me at!

Ordering now is cheaper and will help us offset the printing costs, which is like a reality in which everyone wins?? Amazing.
((I will note that patrons will get to buy the second book at this price for as long as they last, because our patrons are magical and wondrous and support the comic in a very real way. <3 Thank you so much.))

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