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November 21st, 2012, 1:52 am


Thanks and links

At the time I'm writing this, we have 192 fans in Smackjeeves already along with a whole bunch of people - a big thank you to everyone reading this! The comic will go on for a while (we've got four chapters planned, with around 100 pages each) and we're hoping you'll enjoy it in the future too!

In other news, today we opened a Facebook page for Feral Gentry, you can find us here. In the future we'll be posting notices of comic updates there, along with other more or less relevant information. You won't miss any exclusive art or comics even if you don't use Facebook, though, it's just an extra way to communicate and share things.

To keep on with the linkspam, during the past few weeks we've listed the comic at some webcomics lists and databases. In addition to Comic Rocket we already briefly mentioned, we're now listed at Piperka, Belfry and TopWebComics. A heartfelt welcome to all new visitors from those pages and from our brief test round of advertising through Project Wonderful!

And as always, Anayte the illustrator is on tumblr and posts all the art and update notices there as well. And maybe some odd scribbles. And reblogs sweet fanart!

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