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August 12th, 2012, 12:42 pm


A huge thank you and a note on glitches

Hello everyone! I just want to thank every reader we have at this point; thank you so much for visiting, reading and even commenting on Feral Gentry! It means so much to us to see people can appreciate something like this when it's only beginning and having odd page uploading problems and a daft layout and everything and wow you guys are great. This comic is also going to be pretty great, the more I hear about the plot developments we are going to have the surer I am that this is something you are going to enjoy!
I don't think I've mentioned this but what we do know is that the whole thing's going to take a couple of years to do on the pace we've been working, and that there is a definite ending to the story. The bad news is you'll have to do the typical waiting for each update and a few years is sort of a long time, but the good news is it's going to be a cool experience for everyone and the comic will improve on looks all the time! Because I am inconsistent! Anyway I hope you'll find it enjoyable to stay on board for a good while! <3

I also wanted to post a short note on a problem I encountered today; if you're using the same version of Chrome as I am, it probably uses a version of PepperFlash player ( that makes some pages glitchy (it also breaks a lot of other things on the internet because it's unstable so you might've come across it earlier anyway). This can be fixed pretty simply by disabling the plugin, but this also disables it from updating itself and you might have to update it yourself later. We're sorry for being slaves to Flashes whims!

This was an update by the thankful illustrator!

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August 13th, 2012, 2:32 am

KinReynard (Guest)

Thank goodness I use Firefox, haven't had that problem.

Also, I know I'm fine waiting. As a HiNaBN fan, I am now immune to the pain of waiting for a webcomic, so... a few years with regular updates? Easy. As. Pie.

Though, I hope you'd eventually put forth a printed copy or so..... I love to collect printed copies of webcomics.

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