Guest art: Anni K/Nieidanine

posted April 23rd, 2016, 1:21 am

If you combined Shinji-kun and Raistlin would that not actually be pretty much like Tuomi?? Okay, wait, that sounds like a terrible idea. Probably the worst idea I've ever had. Let's think of something nice instead like, uhh, Tuomi, who is in fact a Nice Guy With no Mental Health Problems, and not terrible like a Shinji-Raistlin combo would be... not at all like that.

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April 23rd, 2016, 1:53 am



Hi everyone! Surprise! I'm a little disoriented with these guest art updates but I'm trying to get into a groove of Mon/Wed/Fri updates with them. It's not any of those days today, so that's going well.

Anni made us this honestly frick-fracking amazing piece of art that I will cherish forever in my heart. A plant EVA. What is more perfect than a sakura-spewing plant EVA??

Anni's comic is called Transfusions! It's a fairly fluffy romance/drama comic about Joa(vampire) and Dylan(human) who, without meaning to, end up getting into relationship shenanigans in the (implied) darkness of Lapland winter. It's a long story moving forward at a relaxed pace but there's a large archive to binge on!
Anni's Patreon for all kinds of comics work is here!
Anni's Tumblr and twitter (lots of Critrole, recently! 8))

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