posted 22 Oct 2014 06:07 am

Now he can finally drive that family BMW

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22 Oct 2014 06:16 am



Thi is Tuomi's "it's complicated"-face. I'm sure you knew that already.

In other news, in two weeks my general timetable will change a bit as I'll be doing charity work starting November 3rd, so I will need to think if the update schedule needs to be changed since I definitely can't update from work in the morning. Will keep you posted on this!

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22 Oct 2014 03:12 pm

Captain Apricot


Wow this page. Is someone a spy within their rebel group? I also question why the rights to his family crest were revoked previously....

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23 Oct 2014 01:41 am



@Cesario: I just wonder why he needs a favor from her?
Coundn't he have just said:"I've lost my rights once and the shame I brought to my family can not be mended so I can no longer stand in court as the sheer absence of any worthy of the Foxgrove name taunts me..."

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